Start Feeling Better Our patented design eases point-to-point pressure on the knees and relieves lower back and hip pain by properly aligning the knees and hips.  Unlike other pillows the Knee Angel is infinitely adjustable, light weight and stays in place through the night. You’ll hardly know it’s there! You’ll be surprised how effective this small pillow is Eases point to point pressure on the knees Relaxes back muscles Restores natural alignment Infinitely adjustable Stays in place throughout the night How this amazing pillow works Try Knee Angel Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee If you don’t enjoy immediate relief return your Knee Angel for your money back. “I’m recommending the Kneeangel.  My patients have had great success with it.” Dr. Jeffrey Schubiner Or Call 650-579-7962 to order Copyright © 2012-2013, OFR Group Inc, All Rights Reserved   U.S. Patent Numbers: 7,296,313 and 7,444,699 Fellow, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons